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I'm a hard-working woman who is fervently serious about becoming a Westchester County Legislator--tackling some of the problems that have existed and continue to persist. I’ve been a full-time work-from-everywhere mom for the last 18 years, a Construction Project Manager and grassroots community volunteer right here in NW Yonkers. I have the life experience and know-how to respond to emergencies as well as to see
complex projects and issues through to completion.

My credentials are solid and so is my determination.

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Debbie Kozak for Westchester County D-16

Debbie Kozak for Westchester County D-16

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Here is how I stand on issues-

Deb Koak with Ssenior citizens of Yonkers



Illegal Aliens? Migrants? Or Asylum Seekers? Call them what you want; it makes
no difference.

NYC dumped these individuals in Westchester County’s District 16 and throughout the
County. Their needs will impact the residents of Yonkers and Westchester County,
overstressing our already struggling community-based organizations with real, black--
and-white long-term costs associated with housing, medical expenses, education,
legal defense, safety, and other social services. Enough is enough.
Yonkers was given ZERO advance notice of NYC’s intention to transport and house
these individuals into our city. I’ll be at the forefront and fight to have the information
you/we deserve and need, to get our families through this crisis.

Yonkers has become a dumping ground for the illegal immigrants whom NYC, a sanctuary city, decided they must accept.

Immigrants are being housed at the Ramada Inn District 16, at public expense, but you would never know it as my opponent has not uttered a word.

The responsible entity to absorb the long-term costs associated with housing, medical expenses, education, legal defense, safety, and other services remains unknown. What is so are the needs of these individuals will impact the existing residents of the City of Yonkers, and more specifically, WC District 16, for years to come. 

Community-based organizations that are tending to the low-income and minority population will be forced to do more with less. Yonkers Police Department already has added responsibilities, and schools, whose buildings are still being utilized long past their useful life, will have to absorb more children who require special and Early Intervention services.

Taxes will go up, and the already diminished quality of life will go down. Our residents and especially the low-income community deserve better.

DebKozak at Palisades Pizza & Pasta .jpg



Westchester County residents pay one of the highest property taxes in the country. I will fight for Albany and Washington DC to provide funding for the unfunded mandates they impose on our county. I will push for lower county taxes on fuel costs and look to cut wasteful spending.


My opponent voted for a 2.9% Yonkers property tax increase just this month. With high inflation (a baked-in tax on goods and services) and an increase in any tax, the middle class and especially lower-income people of our community are directly impacted, right in their pocketbooks.

Deb Kozak at Community meeting for safety


The effects of the passing of the State's so-called bail reform in  2019 are playing out on the streets of Yonkers. Individuals who are charged with crimes are too often freed without bail and expected to return on their court date.

Yonkers has seen an uptick in shoplifting and the stealing of catalytic converter theft by those who are emboldened without fear of confinement. The need for an increase in Neighborhood Watch groups is on the rise as the residents throughout all of Yonkers have had enough.

These groups of safety-minded people need awareness and resources.


As  Legislator I'll push to revive and promote Neighborhood Watch groups and the tools and resources that they need.

Deb Kozak with Seniors of Yonkers


The is little doubt that the most vulnerable in our community are children and seniors. Former Westchester County
Legislator Bernice Spreckman was a champion for seniors. Her death has left a void that I will do my utmost to fill.


My opponent has failed to mention what concrete policies she proposes going forward. Will residents be getting more of the same euphemisms and benign neglect should she be elected?  


Palm card bullet points are not policy. And policy is not action. Action is policy.

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